Mining History

I've been fascinated with mining history for more than a decade. It's the rawest form of economics: paying men to dig a hole in a ground, out of which is produced money. Mining history sweepingly encompasses economics, treasure, sweat, unions, babies born, lives lost, fortunes made, and, even more often, fortunes lost. This website is where I keep my notes from my explorations and studies. I hope you enjoy them.

Tonopah: the Initial Mining History Location

The first location I am documenting is one of my favorites: Tonopah, Nevada. Bear with me - I design on the fly, as I go. Hit refresh once in a while, because until I delete this section on the home page, I might well be working on the design while you're checking out the content.

Goodsprings: the Second Mining History Location My son Kyle contemplating Goodsprings' purple mountains majesty on a 2002 campout.

The Goodsprings mining district is just a few miles from Las Vegas, in the shadow of Mount Potosi. It is a "polymetallic" district as it has produced many, many different minerals and ore. It's largest economic production was zinc and lead, but it also produced gold, silver, copper, platinum, vanadium, and cobalt. The busiest years were the ten years surrounding 1915, when the population grew to 1,000 - larger, at the time, than Las Vegas. uses the Kopellian
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