Mining History: Tonopah, NV
Tonopah Historic Mining Park

This park is located on the original claims that made Tonopah famous, the claims that Jim Butler stumbled upon and grew wealthy from. Google's satellite maps were taken in the winter. Not only is there snow on the ground, but the sun's angle is very low from the south. That causes depressions to appear as very dark areas. Zoom in to see the details.

Virtual Trip Posted on Flickr Photo from Flickr
One of the photos from ask's Flickr collection...

Flickr is a website where people can upload their photos. Back in 2004, Flickr user "ask" stored his Nevada trip pictures on Flickr, including a stop at the Tonopah Historic Mining Park. His comment on the photo at left was: " I'm not sure it was entirely safe, but we could (and did) walk on the pieces left of the bridge in the background over to that building. Love museums with no (or very few) barricades and glass enclosures! (If you agree then you'll like the some of the pictures I'll upload next...)" The Mining Park has that effect on people... click the photo to see all of ask's THMP photos.

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